Shoulder Workouts For Men: The 7 Best Routines For Bigger shoulder


Whatever your goal, one of these seven mass-building shoulder workouts can help you achieve it!
These workouts are just the start, though. You'll find dozens of full programs to keep your shoulders growing..

Workout notes:

2. Choose a weight that allows you to reach muscle failure by the target-rep listed.

3. If you have a spotter, do a few forced reps on your heaviest sets of overhead presses. If you don't have a partner, do a dropset on your last set of each exercise, reducing the weight by about 25 percent when you reach muscle failure and continuing on to a second point of muscle failure.

Shoulder muscels:

we can't start to build up the muscles in your shoulders without knowing what muscles make up your shoulder. Put simply, the shoulder is made up of two groups of muscles: extrinsic muscles, which originate from the torso, and attach to the bones of the shoulder, and intrinsic muscles, which originate from the scapula and/or clavicle, and attach to the humerus.

7 Best Shoulder Exercises:

Barbell Standing Press: This bodybuilder staple targets your shoulders, but also works your whole body. "It's a great overall mass builder, These are really good for strengthening your core and increasing overall strength due to the stability aspect of this movement." Start with your hardest move to ensure you've got the core strength to maintain perfect form.

Seated Dumbbell Press: Re-rack your barbell and grab a pair of dumbbells, because they're all you'll need for the rest of the workout. Next grab a bench; sitting down helps isolate the shoulder motion. "These are really good for not only handling a lot of weight, but also having the freedom of using dumbbells, You can bring them nice and low to get a really full range of motion." Take a load off your feet and put a load on your delts.

Arnold press: Named for their Mr Universe-winning, Predator-killing inventor, the rotating motion at the end of this exercise hits more than the standard press to fill out that v-shape. "It's nice way to do a conventional press while adjusting position to target the anterior deltoids.

Lateral raise: The slower you can perform these raises, the more they'll hurt – and the better you're going to look. "Lateral raises are perfect for isolating the medial part of the deltoid,They're more commonly used with a lighter weight and higher reps." You'll still be gritting your teeth by the end of the third set.

Bent over reverse fly: "It's one of the best exercises for targeting the posterior deltoid. For more focus on the movement and less on stabilising things, try placing a bench at 45 degrees and perform this movement lying face down on it." Atlas-level shoulders are on the way.
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Upright row: "Get your elbows higher than your hands for a peak contraction of the deltoid. The upright row also targets the traps." Compound moves like this benefit from heavier fare than the raises, allowing for less reps and bigger weights to keep your delts in shock.
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Front raises: "It’s unlikely that your anterior delts need extra work, so spend more time on your lateral and posterior deltoids. However, if you feel you want to hit your front deltoids harder, then a front raise is the one for you." Again, low weight and high reps help you maintain form for shirt-busting gains.