Hello friends,
I am Akash from india.
As you read in my last blog to How can you protect your heart.
If you have not read you can read my blog And keep your heart and body safe.
Today's my new blog is for fat. Do you know where your body fat comes from. Yes you are thinking right fat comes from your fast food But some people who do not eat fast food also become a victim of obesity. Have you ever thought of why this happens.
Your body increases your obesity because Your body dilutes your metabolism.
Now why metabolism is slow ?
Metabolism becomes slower than your mistake You eat heavy food in one time. This is your fault.
The food you eat at a time, You have to break it and You have to keep the May 2 hour gap between the food Will eat less in one time. From this you will get this benefit your metabolism will be increased And metabolism will continue to work in your body.
Friends I tell you Whatever nutrition to your body Your body just fills your records And then whatever the food left is changed to fat.
So you do not eat food together. And keep doing exersices and more burn calories.
be healthy..
Thanking you.....