Junk food


What is junk food?

Do you know about junk foods? Its is spoil our life.
Junk food is the food that contains high - level poor nutrition items, trans - fat, sugar, sodium, and so on. Usually junk food is added to it several food items and colours to make them tasty, attractive, etc. But these things are not healthy.
Name of junk foods:-
  1. Burger
  2. French fried
  3. Momo
  4. Chawmean
  5. Rolls
  6. Hot dogs
  7. Chicken fried
  8. Chicken nuggets
  9. Tacco
10.Cheese cake.... etc.....

Side effect of junk food

1.Junk food have more calorie.

2.Damages our joints

3.It can cause memory and learning problems.
4.Increases the risk of dementia.
5.It can cause chemical changes that can lead to depression.
6.It makes you impatient and can cause uncontrollable cravings.
7.high cholesterol
8.blood pressure
9.sugar level high
10.heart problems..

Research warns that eating junk foods like pizza, burgers, and chocolate could increase your risk of developing cancer-even if you're not overweight.Truth be told, having a healthy weight alone might not protect against cancer, the researchers concluded. Rather, it's what you eat on a daily basis that matters.