Fitness tips(heart)

Hello friends,

I am Akash from india.

Do you know how much your heart is imported for your body, Well, all the parts are imports but a body's heart is placed first on the place as it gives power to our body.

Friends If you are 30 years old, I want to tell you that our body starts getting sick from the age of 30 years of age in which we are troubled and become physically sick.
Friends, can you get 20 minutes for yourself You have to do cardio exercise in this time And you have to add your food omega 3.

Omega 3 protects your heart from diseases. Its is safe no side effect.
If you are non veg then you can take 2 capsule of fish oil (salmon fish).

And if you are veg the you take flexseed oil.
Hope you liked this topic follow me for the more topic.

Thanking you.....